I don't know why, but WebJars doesn't seem to be able to determine the 
'current' version of your dependency.

Try with "jquery.scrollto/2.1.1/jquery.scrollto.js" instead.

Hope this helps

Am 8. September 2019 14:27:34 MESZ schrieb Sibgha Nazir <sibgha...@gmail.com>:
>I am not able to import the following through webjar as maven
>dependency in
>my project.
>I deployed it to the webjar using *bower install jquery.scrollTo* and
>it is
>also visible on the webjars.org
>    <groupId>org.webjars.bowergithub.flesler</groupId>
>    <artifactId>jquery.scrollto</artifactId>
>    <version>2.1.1</version>
>Add it to the project like
>The wicket shows the error
>net::ERR_ABORTED 404
>What could be the problem?
>Best Regards,

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