I work on a government project and one of our rules is that all of our apps
scrape the request object and log it so that everything that happens can be
reviewed.  Partly this is for audit reasons, sometimes it comes in handy for
lawsuits, but mostly it's handy for our L2 support team. 

But when a dev fails to provide an explicit name for something, we get
things in the log like 'radio54' and the like.  Which is understandable as
the dev failed to provide a name (bad dev! *swats dev with newspaper*).  

A recent lawsuit revealed yet another place where the unhelpful 'radio38' is
logged.  Our PM asked if we can help our devs out because this mistake is
happening too often.  Can we disable wicket's natural tendency to generate
these names and force an exception instead?  Thus, the mistake would be
caught early.

Wicket often exposes 'strategy' objects or other overrides to do this sort
of thing, so I'm wondering if such a facility exists?  Even if it weren't an
exception, but were some other kind of thing that drew the dev's attention
it would be useful.  

We're in Wicket 6.

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