Sorry for the duplication. These messages did not appear in the mail group until about 8 hours after they were posted. I thought I must have 'misdirected' the first one. Was there a problem with the mail group today?

Anyway - I eventually worked out how to do it!

The secret was in the source code of the TreeModelProvider class - which we don't use but it has a method called

update(AbstractTree<T> tree, AjaxRequestTarget target)

which did this magic (among other things):

if (completeUpdate)
        target.add(new Componen[]{tree});

So I added a similar method, called completeUpdate, to pagebloom's own ITreeProvider implementation, TreeNodeProvider and it all worked amazingly well, after adding some additional detachment of the root nodes.

On 29/12/2019 2:09 pm, chrisco wrote:
I have a UI layout where selection changes in one component need to result in
a complete repopulation of the nodes in an associated NestedTree.

Obviously I don't want to do a complete page refresh so I was wondering what
the best way is to do an AJAX refresh of the entire NestedTree after I've
told it, somehow, that all of its nodes need to be replaced.

Is it as simple as just replacing the ITreeProvider and then adding the
NestedTree to the AJAX request target or is there something more involved?

Merry Christmas/Holiday everyone,



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