Hi there,
it seems we have some issues with Wicket Tester, after upgrading to 8.7.0 from 

In particular, due to the change [1] for WICKET-6708, we have found that 
MockWebRequest is not behaving as expected; no troubles occur instead during 
normal operations with HttpServletRequest.

The test failures occur because MockWebRequest's method is (correctly) set to 
POST but parameters are submitted with URL, when using DropDownChoice with 
onChange behavior [2].

Of course, such situation was fine with code prior to [1] but not working 
anymore: I have verified that expected submit parameters are part of URL, hence 
are available as getQueryParameters() but getPostParameters() is invoked 

FYI, one of failing test cases in [3].

Please let me know if this is a bug with MockWebRequest or whether we have to 
update our test code, thanks.



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