Hi Matthias,
Thank you very much .
Sry I forgot to mention, that I have only an local jboss server, it works 
there. The problem is that the target system is an external platform which has 
more than one war/ear archive. There were more web-applications which running 
at the same time, the settings-page is only a part of it. The main problem is I 
don't have any access to  the target server (its Wildfly 7x ) or the OS, either 
during the cli as of the admin console. I can only deploy the war via the 
Administration UI at runtime,...  . As well there is nothing planned to upgrade 
thy system yet, as well it shall work without of  any modification of the 
Server.:( Because of the other war/eap-container. Is there another Interface? 
Or something in wicket which works similar to replace forms?
Best regards

"Drummer, Matthias" <matthias.drum...@iqtig.org>


AW: Jboss problem with to many parameters at form


Mon, 03 Feb 2020 12:21:10 GMT


you can configure your wildfly undertow settings in the standlone.xml.

The default max-parameters value of the http-listener in my wildfly 18 is 1000.

You can list your undertow configuration via jboss-cli like this:

(Example for wildfly 18)

The output will look something like this

    "outcome" => "success",
    "result" => {
        "max-connections" => undefined,
        "max-cookies" => 200,
        "max-header-size" => 1048576,
        "max-headers" => 200,
        "max-parameters" => 1000,
        "max-post-size" => 3000000000L,

You can change the value of the attribut via jboss-cli like that:


or edit the standalone.xml manually. If you want to use ssl or ajp with your 
wildfly you will have to modify the https-listener or ajp-listener too.

Greetings Matthias

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Betreff: Jboss problem with to many parameters at form

I use currently Wicket 7 and want to create an settings page which will have 
some webforms and options. This I would like to deploy on an 
Now there is a problem with the submit of the forms itself with the exception.

java.lang.RuntimeException: io.undertow.util.ParameterLimitException: UT000047: 
The number of parameters exceeded the maximum of 1000
      ... 20  more
Caused by: io.undertow.util.ParameterLimitException: UT000047: The number of 
parameters exceeded the maximum of 1000
      ... 81 more

The reason is that for each input field which underlines in 
org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form.Form, an data-entree form in dataForm is 
generated in the frontend. This FormData list will be send back to the 
webserver as parameter list additional to the parameters which will caused to 
this error.
The FormData includes each input-field (it doesn't matter is it 
manipulated/filled or not) with its values). How can I minimize the amount of 
FormData in wicket or  how can I prevent this error without splitting the 
settings-website in different parts? Or what is the best solution without 
changing the whole page? (The page self is generated dynamically) Thank you 
very much for an answer Best regards, Stefan

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