Hi all,

I'm currently experimenting with PerSessionPageStore as a second-level
cache. We are moving our page store from memory (i.e. session) to Redis and
keeping 1-2 pages per session in memory speeds up ajax requests quite a bit
because network roundtrips and (de)serialization can be skipped for cached

Our application is very ajax heavy (it is basically a single page
application with lots of lazy-loading). While rapidly clicking around and
firing as many parallel ajax requests as possible, I noticed that it is
quite easy to trigger exceptions that I have never seen before.
ConcurrentModificationExceptions during serialization,
MarkupNotFoundExceptions, exceptions about components already dequeuing etc.

So I had a look at the implementation of PerSessionPageStore and noticed
that is does not do any kind of synchronization and does not use atomic
operations when updating the cache. It seems to me that the second-level
cache is not really usable in a concurrent ajax environment.

I think that writing pages to the second level cache store should either
synchronize on sessionId+pageId or attempt to use atomic operations
provided by ConcurrentHashMap.

Did anyone else ever run into these issues? The code of PerSessionPageStore
is quite complex because of soft references, skip-list maps etc. so I'm not
sure what the right approach to address these problems would be.

Best regards,


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