Hi all,

I'm maintaining a Wicket webapp with slightly modified directories to
get templates and language files from and created implementations of
IResourceFinder for both. Things worked like epxected for some years
now, but recently I changed deployment a bit to provide Javadoc by
default for all my artifacts.

Javadoc is simply deployed as JARs and because it's stored in
"WEB-INF/lib", available in the classpath by default. That leads to
the problem that Wicket now finds HTML files generated by Javadoc as
templates to use. That doesn't work of course and results in errors
like the following:

> Expected to find <wicket:panel> in associated markup file. Markup:
> jar:file:/C:/Program%20Files/Apache/Tomcat%209.0/webapps/de.am_soft.sm_mtg.frontend.bug_2590_gradle/WEB-INF/lib/de.am_soft.sm_mtg.frontend-javadoc.jar!/de/am_soft/sm_mtg/frontend/panels/collectors/PnReadWithRealEstates.html

So the first approach was to simply change the place where I provide
my own resource finders to Wicket to make them the first items in the
list. The current code is the following:

> ResourceSettings      settings = this.getResourceSettings();
> List<IResourceFinder> finders  = settings.getResourceFinders();
> finders.add(0, new CustDefTmplResFinder(this.getServletContext()));
> finders.add(1, new LangResFinder(this.getServletContext()));

But that works for some pages only, sadly not for all. E.g. the
login-page works well that way, but after logging in, the former error
occurs again.

So how do I tell Wicket to really always use my resource finders
first? Thanks!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thorsten Schöning

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