Hi all,

I just merged our master in our Wicket 9 branch and I ran into an issue:

Our current configuration with Wicket 8 looks like this:

PageStore = PerSessionPageStore
DataStore = RedisDataStore

So the page store keeps the last couple of pages of a session in memory and
Redis is used as a persistent store.

I tried to recreate this behavior with Wicket 9:

SessionStore = InMemoryPageStore
PersistentStore = RedisDataStore

This looks correct, but it *does not work* because InMemoryPage store
implements AbstractPersistentPageStore and does *not* delegate to the
next store in the chain.

So we basically lost the option to use a memory page store in front of a
persistent store.

We need this functionality because we are using Spring Session and cannot
use the session as a page store.

Would it be possible to add an InMemory store that delegates to the next
store in the chain? Or do I have to implement it myself?

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