Hello, Wicket Users,

I will really appreciate your feedback on a new library which is
almost ready and about to be released.
It provides java native API to work with Node Package Manager.
Use Cases:
1) Explore NPM registry from Java native application
2) Pack NPM packages inside JAR. Yes - it's alternative for WebJars
and frontend-maven-plugin. Big advantage in respect to WebJars: you
can filter what exact resources you want to pick (for example only
content for dist/ folder from a package) and after packing you can
still use such things like
3) Implementation of your own embedded CDN which can transparently
download NPM resources per request and serve the required file to a
client. There are 2 implementations: Wicket and Servlet based.

Let me also mention that this library was built keeping performance in
mind. It uses RxJava for packages traversal and retrieval.
If you are interested - please read README.

I will really appreciate for any thought: about functional part or
about library application somewhere or even promotion.

P.S. There are few things to do as technical debt... So code might be
not so nice and clean as it would be for first public version.


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