Recently i created and Extension to Label that uses { and } as Markup
Delimiters to create a kind of safe Markup with a very limited set of
HTML-Tags like



The purpose of this is to get rid of the setEscapeModelStrings(false) to
be found everywhere which is actually quite dangerous when combined with

Now someone has combined my new Label with StringResourceModel which
uses the Syntax defined in MessageFormat which also uses { and } as
delimiting characters for its placeholders, for example

This is a {0} day.

Now both Formats collide but there would be an easy workaround if Wicket
would actually honor the possible escaping defined in MessageFormat, i
would just have to write

'{'div'}' This is a {0} day. '{'/div'}'

But StringResourceModel Line 478 escapes these ' in its code so the
resulting Text is actually

''{''div''}'' This is a {0} day. ''{''/div''}'' and the escaping for my
markup does not work anymore since the double single quotes are
interpreted as single single quote by the MessageFormat parser.

I would argue that StringResourceModel is doing the wrong thing here by
purposefully escaping the single quotes when it is not intended by the
user. I also have not found the reason why it does this in the first
place. Any suggestions or ideas?


Johannes Renoth

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