Thank You Andreas!

So far I have:

private OMElement createSecurityHeader(String username, String password) {

//OMNamespaceImpl wsseNS = new OMNamespaceImpl(WSSE_NS, WSSE_PREFIX);
SOAPFactory factory = OMAbstractFactory.getSOAP11Factory();
OMNamespace namespaceWSSE = factory.createOMNamespace(WSSE_NS, WSSE_PREFIX);
SOAPEnvelope envelope = factory.getDefaultEnvelope();
//OMFactory factory = new SOAP11Factory();

// create the Security header block
//securityHeader = new OMElementImpl("Security", wsseNS, factory);
OMElement element = factory.createOMElement("Security", namespaceWSSE);
OMAttribute attribute = factory.createOMAttribute("mustUnderstand",
      null, "1");

Unsure how to store this in 'envelope'

Also what weblinks or books do you recommend?


From: Andreas Veithen <>
Sent: Thursday, September 7, 2017 11:52:55 AM
Subject: Re: [AXIOM] Migrating Java code from AXIOM 1.2.13 to 1.2.20

Use OMAbstractFactory.getSOAP11Factory() to get the SOAPFactory instance, then 
rewrite your code to use the factory methods until there are no more references 
to internal implementation classes. The resulting code will then work with both 
Axiom versions.


On Sep 7, 2017 4:46 PM, "Robert Seletsky" 
<<>> wrote:

I have the following Java method using AXIOM 1.2.13:

private OMElement createSecurityHeader(String username, String password) {
      OMNamespaceImpl wsseNS = new OMNamespaceImpl(WSSE_NS, WSSE_PREFIX);
      OMFactory factory = new SOAP11Factory();
      OMElementImpl securityHeader;
      OMElementImpl usernameTokenElement;
      OMElementImpl usernameElement;
      OMElementImpl passwordElement;

      // create the Security header block
      securityHeader = new OMElementImpl("Security", wsseNS, factory);
      securityHeader.addAttribute("mustUnderstand", "1", null);

      // nest the UsernameToken in the Security header
      usernameTokenElement = new OMElementImpl(USERNAME_TOKEN_LN, wsseNS, 
securityHeader, factory);

      // nest the Username and Password elements
      usernameElement = new OMElementImpl(USERNAME_LN, wsseNS, 
usernameTokenElement, factory);

      passwordElement = new OMElementImpl(PASSWORD_LN, 
wsseNS,usernameTokenElement, factory);
      passwordElement.addAttribute(PASSWORD_TYPE_ATTR, PASSWORD_TEXT, null);

      return securityHeader;

I want to migrate this code to work with AXIOM 1.2.20.

Looking for a solution and what resources are recommended to do this in general?

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