guys, thanks for the support. 
Sorry for the delay, somehow I was not receiving this thread updates.
I've been struggling to implement my requirement with the given rights
management system since my post.
I gave up, that's why I came back on the forum.
I ended up removing the default access for every user on the XWiki, adding
it manually to each every public (existing Blog, Photo, Main, etc..) space,
and then manually setting the access right for the 'private' spaces. I
stopped when I realized sub pages would not inherit parents right!

I think both your answers are helpful and valid in the context. The context
being that there is no Creator right in the model right now. In that respect
XWIKI-1769 would be more than welcome. I think I'd even give it a major
priority level. If Xwiki has to address enterprise needs, this is a serious
issue. I'm new to XWiki  and have been mostly working on Twiki before. If I
may ask, why bother creating a rights management system when file system 'a
la Unix' would have done the job fine??

The 'hook' right manager advised by Sergiu should work for now. As for
assigning a Space to each user, this is probably the best way to keep the
wiki clean.
But 'sub-space' would be needed in my case: I wanted to share a project's
page and subpages from my 'private' space PRO with a co-worker. This is not
doable today.
I'd have to move the project from my private PRO space to some other space,
say PUBPRO. 
But even then, I'd like to keep the project work secret and keep it with
view and edit rights only for me and my co-worker. So creating a space
especially for this would do the job (with pages inheriting rights from the
space, correct?). But since space is the highest item in the hierarchy, this
could end up in a quite messy organization.


nodje wrote:
> I haven't been able to find a satisfying answer nor have I been able to
> find
> it out by myself.
> So I have to rely on you guys!
> I just would like to have that policy by default:
> The view and edit rights assigned to any resource created by a User are
> restricted to that User only by default.
> Unless it does create it in a public space.
> In other word, I'd like to be able to provide a private space to my users.
> cheers
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