On Oct 23, 2007, at 6:44 AM, V. Harikrishnan Nair wrote:

> Hi all.
>   My Panel wizard is not working properly. I tried to drag and drop  
> my panel
> items and it could not be done. The item which when I click upon,  
> does not
> move with the mouse pointer. It goes elsewhere.
>  Nobody has answered to my problem yet... How is XWiki going to be  
> popular
> unless novices have all their questions answered ? I will start  
> contributing
> as soon I gain some expertise but for that I want answers...
> If it has been answered before, please say so but I haven't seen it  
> anywhere
> else.

Please be patient. You're sending 4 questions per day :)

People are probably busy on some other stuff. Give them time to  
answer. If you don't have an answer in a week then you can ask again  
politely and I'm sure you'll get your questions answered.

Make sure you also try to solve your own questions by searching the  
lists, looking at the source code, searching JIRA, etc.

For example for this panel wizard issue, if you search jira you'll  
find someone reported something similar a long time but noboyd has  
been able to reproduce it.

Also make sure you give all the details in your mails. Here you don't  
say what version of XWiki you're using and with what database and  
what database version, so there's no way we can really help.

There's currently no issue opened on the Panel Wizard AFAIK.


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