Vincent Massol wrote:
> Sorry but no. The scope for 1.2 was changed a long time ago. More  
> importantly Artem who was working on it has stopped participating to  
> XWiki for some time since he's busy on other stuff. He'll join us back  
> later but there's no ETA right now on the JCR implementation.
> However I'm curious to know why you need attachments stored in the  
> file system.
> Thanks
> -Vincent
Sorry if jumping in this thread is not the most elegant way of 
collaborate, but I've missed this option, to store attachments in the 
file system, today.

For instance: we use a lot of high resolution pictures in our work. If I 
can store this images in the file system I can access them by using 
"regular" drive mapping, web server access, sftp,... I mean: I could 
keep relying on different clients to read the files while I could rely 
on XWiki to easy the way users "load" files in the system.

Hope this makes sense for you.



Ricardo Rodríguez
Your XEN ICT Team

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