When you state to clone the two classes, do you mean clone as in Java 
programming or clone as create inside the wiki itself? 
> Vitantonio, Thanks for the response.
> So, let's say my space is called "Schedule".
> Do I clone Xwiki.ArticleClass, Xwiki.ArticleClassTemplate and 
> XWiki.ArticleClassSheet
> as Schedule.ArticleClass, Schedule.ArticleClassTemplate and 
> Schedule.ArticleClassSheet
> and create an equivalent to the XWiki Latest Articles page that uses them?
> Looks like I would also need to create a clone of Blog.Macros as maybe 
> ScheduleBlog.Macros.
> Then if I want this for twenty other spaces, I would repeat the exercise 
> twenty times.
> I wouldn't mind too much doing this, but it seems there ought to be an 
> easier way.

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