Is there a way to get the back-links for properties of a custom class instances?

The current backlinks infrastructure seems to work only over links of
ordinary Documents.
In particular, on line 1507 of com.xpn.xwiki.storeXWikiHibernateStore,
in the saveLinks function of a recent SVN checkout it says:

                XWikiRenderer renderer =
                renderer.render(doc.getContent(), doc, doc, renderContext);
                links = (List) renderContext.get("links");
How can this be parameterized, so that links contained in property
values of custom Class Instances are being included into the links

Class Car:

Instance Space1.car1
  Property "carsThatAreFaster": values: "Space1.car2"

where Space1.car2 is a link to another Car instance. The above
saveLinks function does not update the BackLinks table with the
Space1.car2 link.

Any ideas are appreciated.
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