I'm new xwiki user and recently just setup xwiki running on a Window server 
by downloaded the latest xwiki enterprise window installer. The problem I 
having here is getting the Backlinks Snippet working.
  I follow the instruction using BacklinksSnippet feature link below. 
  Basically, I have a wiki page with three sections. The first two sections 
have the links and I created the third section "What Links Here" and insert the 
code provided above. However, it doesn't shows any wiki links leading to this 
page but message "No back links for this page!"

  I checked the default installation directory and verified that the xwiki.cfg 
under C:\Program Files\XWiki Enterprise\webapps\xwiki\WEB-INF already have the 
following line below enabled by default.
  Did I miss something here? Any advise to resolve this newbie problem is 
greatly appreciated.

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