> As you have noticed Sergiu is quite busy these days. I don't find it  
> nice to ask him to publish it when you could just help out... 

        Literally speaking, I didn't ask anything. I made a remark that
intentionally left all options open (including asking me to do it of
course). I did not want to do anything that might have been perceived as
out of rights (and certainly not to ask somebody to do something in my
place). Apparently that wasn't enough to prevent me from being told I'm
not nice. 

        I apologise for not knowing the way things are done here. I have yet to
learn, so please don't take offense from my mistakes and believe in my
good will. 

        I am used to Wikipedia's rules, where it would probably be perceived as
an offense to take somebody's opus without his consent (unless of course
it is already published in an article, since this would automatically
place it under GFDL licence). I did face some licence problems, e.g.
having to ask every contributor for his approval for a change from GFDL
to CC-BY-SA (and vice-versa), so I tend to be careful. 

        Thank you for your understanding. 

> Anyway it's your call and if you don't want to help nobody is going to  
> force you either... ;)

        It is done. I have put it under AdminGuide.WebHome. It is just a
copy/paste of Sergiu's text with some wrappings. Due credit is given in
comments. Any suggestions are welcome. And as stated above, I am new to
XWiki and I may have done wrong. 


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