I have now a xwiki running with java 6u3, tomcat 6.0.14, Oracle, connected to an Active Directory, and it seems to work (only 
10 minutes of tests).
I have a question about AD users : they appear into xwiki only if they 
try to connect once. Is it normal ?
I thought I will find all my AD users into xwiki users list, but no, 
only the one who has already tried to connect.
If it is a normal situation, is it possible to manage rights for a group 
"authenticated users" ? For exemple, I want to give to every AD user the 
edit right, but now I can't see all, so can I give rights for all 
authenticated users, rights they will heritate at their first login ?

Gaëtan GUYODO a écrit :
> Thanks.
> You say, about databases : "mysql is the best choice for the moment".
> I planned to use Oracle 10g. Is XWiki really working with apache, fully 
> fonctionnal, or is there a lot of known issues ?
> Gaëtan
> Sergiu Dumitriu a écrit :
>> Gaëtan GUYODO wrote:
>>> I need to useApache HTTP server in front of XWiki.
>>> I just found that I'm using JETTY as java container (that's the one 
>>> packaged into the windows installer).
>>> I'm trying to find more information about using httpd in front of jetty.
>>> If anyone already did that...
>>> Esbach, Brandon a écrit :
>>>> Are you using the Apache HTTP server, or Apache Tomcat?
>>>> XWiki requires a java container (such as Tomcat) to run.
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>>>> Another "new user" question...
>>>> I used the xwiki-enterprise-installer-windows-1.2-rc-2.exe
>>>> I would like to use that xwiki with apache, into an existing VirtualHost.
>>>> I first just added these lines into the VirtualHost directives :
>>>> <virtualHost>
>>>> ...
>>>> Redirect permanent /myXwiki/ http://server:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
>>>> ProxyPass /myXwiki/ http://server:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
>>>> ProxyPassReverse /myXwiki/ http://server:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
>>>> ...
>>>> </virtualHost>
>>>> That's a first step, but when I try http://.../myXwiki/, I can only see 
>>>> text from xwiki, into a white page, no skin, no picture...
>>>> I think I need to authorize apache to execute scripts, but I didn't find 
>>>> anything about that into the documentation or mailing list archive.
>>>> I realised I didn't know what is the default "servlet container" into the 
>>>> xwiki-enterprise-installer-windows-1.2-rc-2.exe installation.
>>>> Any idea ?
>> Hi,
>> The default installer is just for a quick setup, with jetty and hsqldb, 
>> so that you can run XWiki out of the box. It is not supposed to be used 
>> in production environments. For that, you must install tomcat, configure 
>> mod_jk so that httpd forwards requests to tomcat, install not the .exe, 
>> but the war, install the database (mysql is the best choice for the 
>> moment), install the proper hibernate connector, configure hibernate...
>> There's some documentation on xwiki.org, search for it.
>> Sergiu
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