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Greetings fellow xwiki'ers,
I have just installed 1.2rc3 with the default database under linux/ mysql/jboss, all is now working a treat! If anyone thinks it is worthwhile I can post a how-to but the instructions in the xwiki uide are pretty spot on now.


One issue though, the blog categories seem a little screwy, there are three News, Personal and Other but they don't display very well in the breadcrumbs, or the category editor in the Admin centre. Can anyone point at why this might be happening? I don't mind fixing it as it helps me understand how it works, but pointer as to what/why would be appreciated.

Yes it's been somewhat buggy in the display for some time now. I didn't get the chance to look into it so any help here would be most welcome :)

The page that doesn't render nice is:

This page includes the http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/edit/XWiki/CategorySheet page which uses the form macro. It seems the form macro has some problems. It's as if it generated code using the {table} macro but that later doesn't get rendered.

Thus you should probably check the FormMacro.java source.


To reproduce start from a fresh 1.2rc3 enterprise .war and import the .xar go to Admin->Categories and you will see what I mean, hopefully. I have done two seperate server builds and the get the same behaviour, both jboss/mysql, I haven't tried the standalone jetty install though.

I am investigating xwiki as an exercise really, I do plan to deploy it as a public/private site once I have worked it out and re-skinned it.

Thoughts, comments, hellllpppp?

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