The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the final release of XWiki Enterprise 1.2.

Go grab it at

This is the final 1.2 release, which brings a lot of improvements and new features. The main improvements over version 1.1 are:
* Improved performances
* Better Interoperability with Confluence
* Clean and improvements to the XMLRPC interface
* Recycle bin feature for deleted documents
* Minor edits
* News rights management UI
* Mail sender plugin to send emails from Velocity
* Watchlist feature to be notified of pages in documents or spaces
* Scheduler plugin and application to schedule Groovy scripts to be executed at given times
* New macro to display panels inside pages
* JODA Time plugin to perform dates computations in Velocity scripts
* Lucene search stabilized and now works in multiwiki setups
* New statistics API and UI
* Add automatic database migrations for easier XWiki installs

For more information see the Release notes at:

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