marlon hendred wrote:
> I was wondering why there is no "Forgot Password Button". This is a 
> pain for admins with a lot of users to have to log in and change a 
> users password because they forgot it. On top of that the user has to 
> log in and change it AGAIN (for security purposes). It seems silly 
> that this has not been implemented yet. Every other webapp out there 
> has this feature standard. Does anyone know when this is going into a 
> release. Also does anyone know of an XWiki to MediaWiki conversion tool?
Hi Marlon

As for the "forgot password button", look at this...

As fot the XWiki to MediaWiki conversion tool, I've heard nothing about 
this, but I do about a tool that do the trick the other way round. 
Perhaps this could give you some insight in this issue...

And the related page...


Ricardo Rodríguez
Your EPEC Network ICT Team
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