The more I think about the more I like idea b) below. This means there would be 2 options for anyone wanting to contribute code:

1) If the person is interested in xwiki in general, the best is the contribute it in xwiki's SVN itself and have the person be made a committer 2) if the person is interested only in a specific thing, like a macro he has developed, a plugin, an app, and is looking for a place where he/she can contribute with others on it, then this special forge project is the perfect place.

Now we need to find a name for it and then creating it is quick and easy.

I propose to name it "xlet" which means an xwiki extension in general. Any other idea?



PS: for those who are maven afficionado, this is equivalent to the mojo project at codehaus.

On Feb 20, 2008, at 11:08 AM, Vincent Massol wrote:

On Feb 20, 2008, at 10:50 AM, Paul Libbrecht wrote:

Alan, Ricardo,

what's on will be published soon. It's just a macro and a javascript embedding and uses the MathTran server.

The syntax? real LaTeX, which is indeed running at No own macros though. That also means it's full LaTeX contrary to most latex-imitators (but which, often, can do mathml for example).

We should be announcing this in a few days... probably starting as a jira issue that contains the jar.

It may take a fair more time to get high-quality printouts though... i.e. either that someone works on the print-channel- through tex (which is fragile because tex is a very old system) or that we work out on the dvi inclusion in the print channel.

Would there be a better space to publish these ?
we could start a project on our libresource forge, but maybe the XWiki folks team has a better place?

1) For publishing the jar, the best is probably the xwiki code zone
2) For the source code, it really depends on you. You have 3 options I can think of:

a) a project wherever you want (sourceforge, libresource, etc)

b) a project on the XWiki Forge. This is not advertised yet but we have a XWiki Forge for hosting projects related to XWiki. We give those projects a SVN repo, a wiki (as in http://<project name>, a JIRA project, mailing lists, etc. Note that since the machines and admin are currently owned and done by XWiki SAS, it's its decision to decide what project get in. This project would definitely fit in.

Since maybe creating a project just for one macro would be a bit too much, we could create a general purpose project for hosting outside contributions (plugins, macros, applications). Actually I think this would be a very good idea. It would be very open and anyone asking would get commit access to it.

c) you're interested in participating to the xwiki development and in this case we include your macro in the xwiki source code and we vote you in as a committer to improve and support it (of course that would be after seeing the source code and ensuring it complies with the xwiki coding conventions, etc).

Let us know what you'd prefer.


Le 20 févr. 08 à 10:17, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit :

Oh thanks ricardo - that was quick

I think the MathTran should be good for now....until maybe something in-editor is developed
Do you have experience with MathTran and linking it to the page?
Does it work good and project all LaTex formulae?

That would be good to know, before i go out there and tell everybody i have a solution :-).


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Hi folks,

Will there be an additional button in the editor, to implement formulas?
Or is there?


You must be aware of this...

There is at least a thread in xwiki-devs dealing with this issue. Look for MathTran there.

Hope this helps,


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