There's a problem indeed...
Here is the code :

#set ($sql = ", BaseObject as obj where and
obj.className='BBCode.BBClass' and<>'BBCode.BBClassTemplate' order
by desc")

#set($bbs = $xwiki.searchDocuments($sql))

#foreach ($item in $bbs)

#set ($bbdoc = $xwiki.getDocument($item))

#if ($bbdoc.hasAccessLevel('view', $context.user) == 'true')

#if ($bbdoc.getValue('bbtitle') != "")

* [$bbdoc.display('bbtitle')>$item]


* [$item]




-> the check on rights is done before the moment each Bulletin Board is
displayed, so it may have something to do with the rights configuration...
Do you explicitely deny the view right to your user ?

(Locally when I deny view right to an user he cannot see the bulletin boards
he can't access in the list, ie I don't get the bug)

In the meanwhile I've updated the XAR for the panel to read My instead of
Your ;-)


On 21/02/2008, [Ricardo Rodriguez] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hi!
> Guillaume Lerouge wrote:
>  This version adds a few layout changes and introduces a new panel that
> lists the bulletin boards an user has access to in a given wiki, available
> at [ Panels.BulletinBoardList] Hope you will like it, Guillaume
> I do! At least for us, this is a longly desired application/feature. Of
> course we will use it and report back any issue. I know it will be desirable
> we can contribute in a more active way, but I am afraid we have to keep
> learning prior to be helpful. Just a detail and another thing that could be
> considered as a bug: 1. The title of the panel list reads: "Your Bulleting
> Boards". There is another useful panel listing recent modifications that
> reads "My Recent Modifications". I do prefer the "my" instead of the "your":
> the user has this nice feeling of control over what s/he is accessing. Of
> course it is quite easy to modify this, but you have to do that each time
> the panel is reimported. I don't know it if is worthing to consider this. 2.
> See this...
>  rights to read all three BB created in this wiki. So, the panel shows
> the right contents. But see this...
>  Xabier has access only to BB Red Natura 2000. Each one of the three
> links points to one of the three created BB to which I've access, but access
> is correctly denied. Perhaps this makes sense for your before I am able to
> dig into the code to see what is happening here. Thanks! Cheers, Ricardo --
> Ricardo Rodríguez Your EPEC Network ICT Team
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