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> Hi all,
> I would like to set a given panel with a different background. Let's
> say, white, instead of the default #384554 in Albatross skin.
> I read in macros.vm panels' entries...
> ## Note: We pass the Panel name as an HTML class attribute so that  
> it's
> possible to style
> ## the Panels selectively using CSS.
> Does this means that it is possible to change the background on a per
> panel basis by using CSS?

yes that's what we do in the toucan skin for the search panel.

> In any case, I've tried to create a new macro assigning a different
> background color. This way...
> #macro(panelhiddenheaderwhitebackg $title)
> #set ($specialClassAttribute = "")
> #if ($paneldoc && $paneldoc != "")
>  #set ($specialClassAttribute =
> $util.convertToAlphaNumeric($paneldoc.name))
> #end
> <div class="panel expanded $specialClassAttribute">
> <h5 class="xwikipaneltitle hidden"
> onclick="togglePanelVisibility(this.parentNode);">$title</h5>
> <div class="xwikipanelcontentswhitebackg">
> #end
> Class for the div holding the content is set to
> xwikipanelcontentswhitebackg. I've created this class in
> colorsblack.css, imported by style.css, but there is no background  
> shown
> for this panel. Using Firefox/Inspector, I can not see colorsblack.css
> referenced when inspecting this element.
> Please, is it possible to do this? Where am I wrong?

I'm not a CSS expert but at this point this has not much to do with  
xwiki, it's pure CSS and HTML stuff so you must be doing something  
wrong somewhere.


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