regarding the css use for links ..
 a {color:#FFCCDF;}[Review product feedback to 
designers>Rev_Desfeed]</style>{style}*{style} </th>"
it does not work..it just shows me the css code...but the colors are the 
that is why i said last time that i don't think i get the use of css in xwiki. 
can u help me with it, pls?

Take care ,
    Gabriela Radu :)

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 1. changing colors of a link...
i have this code: 
 product feedback to designers>Rev_Desfeed]{style}*{style} "
it worked fine before i made it a link:))) now i have no idea how to control 
the colors. i saw something on the internet about using css.. i have used css 
so far but in xwiki i think i don't get it.

You can use CSS. the color attribute targets text color. To change a link color 
you need to target the <a> element using something like <style> a {color: 
#000;} </style>

2. i wanna merge 2 cells of a table . do ya have any idea how to do that...
and another thing..is there something like a forum for xwiki, or a website 
where all the questions have been answered can be found there? so that i won't 
ask question that were already asked.:)

AFAIK XWiki doesn't support cell merging as of now. However you can combine the 
table macro with html to create merged cells, as in 
http://www.xwiki.com/xwiki/bin/view/Solutions/Subscription?viewer=code -> look 
at how the table is written.

You'll find a lot of info here : http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/FAQ/ . 
Please take the time to add new entries there once you find answers to your 




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