Hi Ricardo,

> Please, where must I include a #includeMacros macro to have the macros
> defined there available for any document in a wiki?
> I see the Macro Mapping field in Administration > Preferences >
> Advanced, but I am not able to find how to use it. I've tried by putting
> the macros there, the macro there calling a document with the macros'
> definition,.. but none of these worked. A modified macros.vm does perfect.

First you need to put all your macros in one page, let's say
XWiki.MyMacros. Then you'll have to go to the Administration, Tab
Preferences, Line
Advanced. Then put the name of your page in the Velocity Macro Pages field
(you can put only one page there for performance reasons). So you'll have :

Velocity Macro Pages :

Then save the page. You can now call your macros from wherever in the wiki.

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