Hi Andrew,
To check whether the problem is rights-related (it might be if the skin page
is stored in the wiki), go to your Skin page with an Admin account, click on
edit -> page access rights, and then tick the view right for Unregistered

This will make only that specific page viewable (which does not matter much)
and might solve your problem.

If this trick solves the issue, it would mean you problem stemmed from the
fact that XWiki refused to display the contents of the page to users who
didn't have the rights to see it, therefore preventing your skin from being
parsed & used. I'm not sure that's it but it might be worth a shot :-)

Hope this will work,


On 19/03/2008, [Ricardo Rodriguez] Your EPEC Network ICT Team <
> Andrew Hughes wrote:
> > Thanks Ricardo,
> >
> > Problem still persists...... anyone else have any ideas? Im getting a
> > little concerned.... I might just have to go rename my own skin
> > albatross....
> This must not be needed. I think twicking default albatross and/or
> Toucan skins is by no means advisable... I've done this and having a lot
> of problems afterwards. And it is quite difficult to decide later if the
> problems comes from a modification in the default files or newly created
> files.
> I've found this in Jira... http://jira.xwiki.org/jira/browse/CHRONO-274
> It seems that some kind of rights assignment could be related with what
> we are seeing.
> Perhaps some more information will help other to have a clearer idea
> about this issue. And help us to open a Jira Issue about it.
> 1. What XWiki release are you using? Any product on top of it? What
> installation (standalone, war)?
> 2. Have you modified xwiki.cfg skin related parameters? Here what do
> they read by default:
> xwiki.defaultskin=toucan
> xwiki.defaultbaseskin=albatross
> I am seeing the same behavior in some virtual wikis running on a XE 1.3
> installation. Each virtual wiki has its customized skin but I have not
> modified xwiki.cfg. Thus, any CSS or JS not found in the customized skin
> folder is picked up from Albatross. But if I set Always authenticate on
> viewing: to yes, Toucan is used to render the login page.
> To see this solved will also help me!
> Cheers,
> Ricardo
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