squirrely_wrath wrote:
> [Ricardo Rodríguez] wrote:
>> I think your idea makes sense, but it is not implemented in the way 
>> XWiki works by default. At least working with XE. Nevertheless, there is 
>> methods allowing you to do this for any entry you could find there. For 
>> instance:
>> This code coming from the Bulletin Application side column panel check 
>> if the current user has view rights in an item before showing it:
>>    #if($xwiki.getDocument($item).hasAccessLevel('view', $context.user) 
>> == 'true')
>>        #if ($xwiki.getDocument($item).getValue('bbtitle') != "")
>>            * [$xwiki.getDocument($item).display('bbtitle')>$item]
>>        #else
>>            * [$item]
>>        #end
>>    #end
>> In another wiki I've modified a copy of the menuview.vm macro put in its 
>> customized skin folder to be shown only to administrators. Simply add 
>> the same Velocity conditional structure #if/#end:
>> #if($context.getMode()==0)## Visible only in a page
>> #if ($xwiki.hasAdminRights())
>> ****actual code****
>> #end
>> #end
>> Hope this helps,
>> Ricardo
> Hi Ricardo
> That sounds good. Does anybody mind if I make a JIRA entry (improvements) as
> I would like to see that feature in the default wiki?

Nobody will get upset, the worst that could happen is that it will not 
be implemented as soon as you'd like.

Sergiu Dumitriu
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