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> Hello,
> Can the applications for Xwiki Enterprise be added to the Xwiki
> Workspaces. On the XWiki Workspaces main page it mentions that -
> "Of course, under the hood Workspaces is based on Enterprise, and with
> some work you can get the same extensibility, but this is not the goal
> of this product."
> Should I even try extending the XWiki Workspaces the way it is
> possible with Xwiki Enterprise, since I am fairly new to XWiki. There
> is this concept of User spaces which is very appealing in the
> Workspaces which I really require. What are the limitations which I
> would be working against, so that I do not try to solve a problem
> which cannot be solved or atleast with decent effort.

If you are new to XWiki, my best advice would be that you first get
experienced with its platform and development practices in XWiki
Enterprise before trying to extend XWiki Workspaces. Then, if you really
are willing to develop/integrate new application inside Workspaces, the
best way to start is to look how its current application are built. For
example, for the Wiki application, you can look at the code under the
XWSWiki/ space and the application descriptor in XWSApps/WikiApp.

Hope this helps, Regards,

> An example of what I would like to try is bring in the application of
> forums besides others
> Thanks in advance,
> Harjeet.
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