Hi everyone,

A few months ago we had discussed the possibility of offering a free  
community-managed farm for non-business critical projects.
See http://tinyurl.com/69blgy

In short the ideas are:

1) No support guarantee. All support done on the xwiki.org user  
mailing  list by the community.
2) No stability guarantee. We would always install the latest Platform/ 
XE/XEM version on it and it would serve as a stability test for the   
xwiki development team. Obviously the community will always try to
make it as stable as possible but that's not guaranteed. It's also  
possible that the farm will be down a few days now and then. We'll try  
to reduce this but no warranties.
3) There will be several members of the community who'll have admin   
access on the farm.
4) It will be open to anyone. However the target users will be   
technical people who can support themselves to some extent. We won't   
control that but it'll be mentioned on the registration page. In any  
case points 1) and 2) make it obvious that it shouldn't be used for  
any business-critical wiki.

We're now announcing the myxwiki.org community farm at http://myxwiki.org

Note that the machine was donated by the XPertNet company (http://xwiki.com 
). Thanks XPertNet! :)

Right now the following persons are admin on this farm:
* ThomasMortagne
* Marta
* Sergiu
* GuillaumeLerouge
* amelentev (Artem)
* Jerome Velociter
* jvdrean (Jean-Vincent)
* VincentMassol

Please note that all these people are doing this in their free time  
and thus we're looking for more admins. If you're interested in  
helping us manage this farm (and we hope there'll be plenty of you  
interested) then please register a user and let me know and I'll make  
you admin.

Here's what admins should do:
* work on improving the community farm content in general
* work on improving the way information is presented and navigation
* watch the recent changes and undo graffitis where needed
* create wikis for people who request them (there's a HTML form to  
fill) - we'll need to decide if we want to make that self service or  
not. Right now I suggest that people interested in getting a wiki  
there send an email to the xwiki users list explaining what they want  
to do with their new wiki and then one admin creates it for them.
* watch out for security holes
* suggest ideas to improve the farm

What everyone can do:
* edit and improve content for the non admins parts of the farm
* spread the word, blog about it, etc

-Vincent on behalf of the XWiki community

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