Gabriela Radu wrote:
> hmm...
> it's the same problem. if i use the first does not do anything, and 
> if i use the second one, i get to the same problem i originally had. it takes 
> me only the last template included. :(

No, there shouldn't be any problem. Why do you say it does not do anything?

By the way, you DO call $ after setting the content, right?

> Sergiu Dumitriu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Gabriela Radu wrote:
>> this only adds one template..
>> how do i add all my templates. more than 5 in my case.
>> Sergiu Dumitriu  wrote: Gabriela Radu wrote:
>>> hello. is it possible to set content into a page , with code that comes 
>>> from different templates? for example: treeheader, treepanelleft, 
>>> treepanelright
>>> $mydoc.setContent('#template("treeheader.vm")')
>>>     $mydoc.setContent('#template("treepanelleft.vm")')
>>> this does not work. it takes only my last template. 
>>> i know i can just put the all templates in one template and then include 
>>> that template. but i don;t want to do that and i want to include all the 
>>> templates one by one.
>>> do you know a way to do this? thx
>> setContent is a setter, not an adder. Try:
>> $mydoc.setContent("${mydoc.getContent()}#template('treepanelleft.vm')")
> If you already know the templates, just do:
> $mydoc.setContent("#template('template1.vm')#template('template2.vm')#template('template3.vm')#template('template4.vm')#template('template5.vm')")
> Otherwise, just repeat the previous statement as many times as you want:
> $mydoc.setContent("${mydoc.getContent()}#template('template1.vm')")
> $mydoc.setContent("${mydoc.getContent()}#template('template2.vm')")
> ...
> $mydoc.setContent("${mydoc.getContent()}#template('template5.vm')")

Sergiu Dumitriu
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