Tiago Rinck Caveden wrote:
> Hello!
> In my wiki, I've saved a page that can be visualized by everybody, included
> non logged users. The edition is restricted to logged users, though.
> However, in this page I added a little script that changes some object
> values when the page is viewed and then saves it. If somebody not logged try
> to simply view the page, he receives an exception saying he doesn't have
> rights for it.
> IMHO, the script execution should be done with the rights of the person that
> saved it.. In this case, I would like everybody that can view the page to be
> able to execute the script and save the page in the terms I've decided in
> the script.

Use $doc.saveWithProgrammingRights instead of $doc.save(). Note that this 
requires the editor to 
save programming rights. If you don't fully trust your editors, don't give them 
programming rights, 
as they are quite dangerous.

> Despite which is the best approach, is there any workaround for my case that
> does not include allowing anonymous edition of the page?
> Thank you very much,

Sergiu Dumitriu
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