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On Jul 1, 2008, at 6:20 PM, Florian Rhomberg wrote:

> Hi!
> Some users noticed a problem by creating a new page. If they want for
> example create a page with the name: "Tutorial: How to use Windows"  
> we get
> the following error:

When you create a page you have to put the name of the page not the  
title of the page or a description of the page...
So in this case you should name it something like:  
"TutorialHowToUseWindows" for example or simple "WindowsTutorial" or  
whatever other name you want to give to that page.
You can then set its title either inside the document as a level 1  
title with:

1 Tutorial: How to use Windows

Or using the title field.

Of course we should also fix the error so that it's more user  
friendly. Basically you're not allowed to use ":" in page names since  
this is a reserved keyword used to specify that a document is located  
in another subwiki.
For example: subwiki:Space.Page is the Page page located in the Space  
space in the subwiki Wiki.

Please create a jira issue for this so that we can improve it in the  


> Error number 4001 in 4: Error while parsing velocity page
> /templates/create.vm Wrapped Exception: Failed to evaluate content  
> with id
> [/templates/create.vm]
> At first I tried to change the coding to UTF-8 in web.xml in WEB-INF  
> to
> UTF-8 but nothing changed. How can I fix this problem?
> Florian
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