Hi Hicham,

On Jul 27, 2008, at 5:55 PM, Hicham Bouazamour wrote:

> Hello everybody !
> I am very very new to Xwiki. I just got one hosetd in the community  
> farm. I
> am having some questions already.
> How can I let's say apply a new skin? do I have to have access to  
> the host
> server through FTP for example?

See the Admin Guide, skin section:

> Here is another one: is there any documentation or FAQ's to go through
> before posting questions here? I don't want to ask questions that  
> might have
> solutions already elsewhere.

Here's a good order:

1) Check http://xwiki.org, search on it
2) Check the FAQ on http://xwiki.org
3) Search the mailing list archives here: http://xwiki.markmail.org
4) Search on google
5) post here

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