Hi Syam!

Not a real answer, but a call to a related issue:


I've never tried the es_es release yet, but we will face this same 
problem with different Spanish flavours.

Also, if you browse Jira, 
http://jira.xwiki.org/jira/secure/Dashboard.jspa, for translation and 
internationalization issues, there are a bunch of them. I've been far 
from XWiki for some weeks and need to catch up now. Your help will be 
really welcome!

I don't know if we anybody have worked in the internationalization part 
during these last three months. Anybody out there?



syam_kg wrote:
> Hi
> I am facing a problem in internationalization. I want to have different
> versions of a document for UK and USA. The language would be English for
> both these countries but some difference in the contents. Is it possible
> with Xwiki. I have tried with adding an
> ApplicationResources_en_US.properties file. But didn't work. Please help.
> Regards
> Syam

Ricardo Rodríguez
Your EPEC Network ICT Team

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