It is a velocity template in the the template folder.
You can access it here : 
You can copy its content, and paste it in XWiki.Registration, but beware 
and make sure you remove the initial test :


[...] ## here is the code you want to keep


Or your registration page will loop forever.


Tiago Rinck Caveden wrote:
> Hello!
> On the user management page (
> http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/AdminGuide/User+Management) there
> is this info: "You can also customize the way users are registered in your
> xwiki by creating a XWiki.Registration page which will override the default
> registration page."
> All I would like to do was to add a little warning, so I'd like to just copy
> the current page code and add it.... but if I ask to view the
> XWiki.Registration or XWiki.Register page codes, they are empty.
> Where can I find the code for the current Register process?
> Thank you,

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