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> So, I take a look on objects attached to my page and I see that there is
> third way to subscribe: QUERY.
> But I found nothing about what QUERY should look like!

Is that what this is about --

More about the language in XWQL design
> The Main syntax and a translator to HQL are implemented. It currently
> requires programming rights to use in scripts. The current XWQL syntax is
> not the final one. We'd like some feedback to improve it. The language will
> fully replace current $xwiki.search methods in XE 1.7. The XWQL language
> is accessible via the Query Manager. Example: 
> $xwiki.xWiki.store.queryManager.createQuery('from
> doc.object(XWiki.XWikiUsers) as user', 'xwql').execute().

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