Hi Sascha,

On Nov 12, 2008, at 9:33 PM, Sascha Berkessel wrote:

> Thank you very much, Vincent and Sergiu!
> Sergiu, the workaround you suggested is perfect. But you were right,  
> it
> was quite a bunch of work :-)
> One more question came up: Shall I share this piece of information  
> as a
> FAQ on xwiki.org? I'm not sure, because the XWiki 2.0 Syntax offers a
> more efficient workaround for versions 1.7 and up. Hence, the  
> workaround
> for older versions might be outdated. What do you think?

Glad it worked for you.

You could add it as a FAQ entry indeed and mention that it's for XWiki  
Syntax 1.0.

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