> This message means that you must download and install the
> administration application, it is not supposed to be automatically
> installed.
> Please post here if you have any problem with the installation
> process. Pay attention to the pages that you must exclude from the
> install : XWikiPreferences, XWikiAllGroup, etc. This is documented in
> the application download page :
> http://code.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Applications/AdministrationApplicationDownload

JV thanks for the response. 
I've read all release notes between 1.3.2. and 1.6.1. Only the release note
for 1.5 mentions the new Administration panel.  I've reread it again. It
seems I did get burned because I did also install an 'installer version' on
my windows system.  Apparently in THAT version the downloadable apps IS
included in it. This gave me the false idea that something was not working
correctly with my upgraded system.. Will dl app and try to install it. But
I've to admit that I had hoped that the install would be easier and that I
don't have to exclude things. Do you know of a reason why a simple install
isn't possible. 

Am I correct when I say that xwiki.cfg is the only config file for xWiki and
that the rest of the config is stored in the database -- overriding
xwikif.cfg. This database contains the config stuff as well as t he content.
Is it possilbe to simply export users/spaces/pages so you can import then
again in a new database or... Did the RTFM thing but can't seem to find the
exporting stuff I need. Any hints/tips are appreciated.
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