Hi Karsten,

I do not think it is a Vista issue because if I install Microsoft Office
> 2003 on the vista test machine the file are opened in read write mode.
> I think that the problem is within Microsoft Office 2007 and not in Vista.

It seems like this problem is faced by many webdav implementations (googling
for office+2007+webdav+readonly returns many positive hits). Anyway, I'm
unable look into this issue seriously at the moment because I don't have a
Vista box. Btw, did you go through
**It seems to have a potential solution under "How to place Office 2007
applications into Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode".

Btw, on which port are you executing xwiki server? I think for windows
clients it MUST to be on port 80. But since you got it to work with office
2003, i beleive you are already running the server at port 80 :)

If I can be of further help just let me know.

You have already helped us! and it's really appreciated :)


- Asiri
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