> Can you start by verifying if the problem is in your database, in your
> web server (if you have any) or in XWiki?

I tried it in two different machine with two different configuration
(tomcat + myql and the  simple XWiki distribution with jetty +
embedded db) but the results were the same, so I think the problem is
in the XWiki. (I am planning to profile it with VisualVM or NetBeans.)

The News page at XWiki.org is also rendered a little slowly for me
(http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/News?category=&nbstart=4 is
retrieved between 5 and 7 seconds).

> Is this a large wiki?

Sure. We are trying to migrate a snipsnap based wiki
(http://jhacks.anzix.net) to XWiki. We have about 500 blog posts and
also a lot of wiki pages.

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