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> Sergiu Dumitriu wrote:
> > Lee Chalupa wrote:
> >> Hello:
> >>
> >> I am relatively new to xwiki.
> >>
> >> I'm running version 1.7.  Occassionally, I will make changes to a wiki page
> >> it seems to sort of flicker and all of a sudden I'm looking at a version 
of the 
> >> page from many versions back. In other words I am losing data.  I'm trying 
> >> diagnose the problem.
> >>
> >> Could it be the type of data I'm entering?
> >>
> >> It seems to happen when I'm using the wysiwyg editor?
> > 
> > Does saved content disappear, or only changes you are making in the editor 
get lost during editing?
> > 
> > Is this the old WYSIWYG editor, or the new one?
> What syntax appears in the Document Information panel on the right when 
> you edit? If it's xwiki/1.0 then you're using the old WYSIWYG.
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Ok. I'm confused.  I downloaded version 1.7 (enterprise). Does this version
have the new wysiwyg editor?  Does it also have the old version?  How do I get 
the app to use the new version of the editor?

I did find one other fact. When I select the wysiwyg editor and then try to 
select wiki 2.0, an error message is displayed that says these are not 
compatible. So I assume this is consistent with your earlier message?

So what I need to know is how to enable the new version of the editor.



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