Hello friends,
I am here to request help on embedding a balloon styled tooltip in our
XWiki instance.
I have had a fair amount of success in embedding various third party
javascript libraries, however, the ones that depend on jquery do not
seem to work through XWiki.
I did go through an article which guides us through creating tooltips
and custom validations in forms. Our requirement, however, is to have
a balloon styled tooltip that can hold images, text (generally info)
about the link that the user is about to visit if s/he were to click
on it. Our users are having a hard time navigating the pages since
they move from page to page assuming that the next page that they are
about to visit is the one where they will find their answers.
It is also not possible to load the current page with too much info
about the links that they are about to visit (as this will lead to
cluttered pages).
Could someone be kind enough to guide me through embedding a tooltip
that "pops-up" when the user hovers the mouse over a link. Or maybe
there is plugin for it already which i might have missed.
Thank you for your time and interest friends.
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