The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki
Enterprise 1.8 RC 2.

Go grab it at

This is the second Release Candidate for the 1.8 version.

Changes from 1.8RC1:

Main changes:

* new "useravatar" macro for 2.0 syntax
* Improvements on 1.0->2.0 syntaxes convertion
* Add ability to configure xwiki to use the XWiki Syntax 2.0 as
default when creating new pages
* Bugs fixed in XWiki 2.0 syntax rendering.
* Upgrade to groovy 1.6 final.
* Update french translations
* Update german translations
* Update spanish translation

Important bug fixes:

* XWIKI-3228 - Error while saving xwiki 2.0 documents containing anchor links
* XWIKI-3242 - Entering an empty link makes the rendering blow up
* XWIKI-3252 - Cannot view documents in other languages than the
default when in multilingual mode and when using XWiki Syntax 2.0

For more information see the Release notes at:

Note that general goals for XWiki Enterprise 1.8 are:

* Office Importer
* New Blog
* Finish new rendering/syntax
* Finish new WYSIWYG
* French XE
* MediaWiki import

-The XWiki dev team
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