Ajdin Brandic wrote:
> In my class I have a property which is displayed as a dropdown select.
> I replaced one of the values and I can still see that value together
> with the new one.
> Replaced Values
> None|CC-BY-NC-SA
> (recommended)|CC-BY|CC-BY-NC|CC-BY-SA|CC-BY-ND|CC-BY-NC-ND|Full
> Copyright|Other
> With Values
> CC0 (No rights reserved)|CC-BY-NC-SA
> (recommended)|CC-BY|CC-BY-NC|CC-BY-SA|CC-BY-ND|CC-BY-NC-ND|Full
> Copyright|Other
> And HTML says
> <option selected='selected' value='None' label='None'>None</option>
> <option value='CC0 (No rights reserved)' label='CC0 (No rights
> reserved)'>CC0 (No rights reserved)</option>
> Anyone had this prob?????

The list also contains the currently selected value, since it would be 
incorrect to show a randomly selected value instead of the one that was 
previously there. This happens on an object-by-object way, so if you 
select a different value and save, "None" will no longer be present for 
that object.

A good fix is to write a script that searches for all objects that have 
"None" selected and replace it with a different one, then save back the 
document. If you need help with the script, just ask.
Sergiu Dumitriu
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