Stevo Slavić wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm trying out XWiki Office 1.0 Milestone 1 and I'm experiencing issues with
> authentication. XWiki is on Tomcat, which is behind Apache HTTPD. SSO with
> Kerberos is configured, with fallback to basic authentication - all this
> doesn't seem to accept j_username and j_password XOffice plugin is sending
> (can see login requests in apache access log). Since login isn't successful,
> every next request from plugin results with "The remote server returned an
> error: (401) Unauthorized.".
> Has any similar setup/scenario been supported/tested, and if not, are there
> any plans?
This is not supported at the moment. The scenario would need to handle 
Kerberos at client level. This is not in the 1.0 roadmap, but if 
requested again we can put the 1.1 roadmap. This also applies for custom 
proxy settings.
> +1 for Office 2003 support
> +1 for OpenOffice plugin
This has been asked several times. Unfortunately there are not any 
resources allocated to this right now. We are glad to see that the 
community is interested in office integration and we'll do our best to 
provide the solutions wanted by the community.

Florin Ciubotaru
> Regards,
> Stevo.
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