Hello Manfred,

 From what I understand you are trying to do something not very orthodox 
: installing XWiki Workspaces on top of an existing XWiki Enterprise. 
This is doable, but not documented. If you check 
you will see that XWS comes with its own WAR file (since it needs some 
extra templates/plugins/config to work correctly).

Note that XWS does embed XWiki Enterprise, so if you install the XWS 
war, you have a working XE too, and all the work is done for you. The 
only thing that affects XWiki Enterprise when installing XWS are a 
couple of velocity templates that XWS overrides (but you need them to 
have XWS work properly)

If you really want to do it the other way around (i.e. install XE first, 
then XWS on top), please let me know, and I'll give you some guidelines. 
Note that there is no released versions that has been tested with XE 
1.8, so there is no guarantee it will even work without having to change 

Hope this helps,

Manfred wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm feeling a little dumb at the moment since I expected doing the action I'm 
> struggling with to be so obvious as to be almost default, but I would 
> appreciate being pointed in the right direction. I have not found a specific 
> answer by searching the FAQ or this mailing list so maybe I'm experiencing 
> something abnormal or haven't configured something correctly.
> In Xwiki workspaces after installation I get to the page:
> The organization's space has not been created yet
> As a member of the group of Administrators, you are allowed to create the 
> Organization's own workspace. Click the link below if you wish to create the 
> organization's own workspace.
> Create the organization space $newspace.set("spacetype", "workspace")
> Warning: You have not created your personal space yet.
> http://myserverip:8080/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/XWikiPreferences?section=OrganizationSpace
> and I see:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Show the available categories 
>     * General
>     * Workspaces
>     * Users
>     * Groups
> $newspace.set("spacetype", "workspace") $newspace.set("spacetype", 
> "workspace")
> Click on this button if you wish to create your organisation's space. The 
> organisation's space includes every user on this XWiki Workspaces. It 
> features a blog, a wiki, a file manager and a photo album. You may want to 
> create it if you wish to publish information meant to address all your users 
> at once.
> Define your new workspace's basic settings
> Space name
> Mandatory - You can enter up to 50 more characters for your new space title :
> $newspace.display("displayTitle","edit")
> Description
> Optional - You can enter a short text describing the purpose of this 
> workspace :
> $newspace.display("description","edit")
> Applications
> Choose the applications you want to install in your workspace from the list 
> below :
> Access level
> Select an access level for this workspace :
> $newspace.display("accesslevel","edit")
> Color
> Choose a background color for your workspace :
> $newspace.display("color","edit")
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Its not clear to me how to create this Organization Space.
> Apparently the above is giving me the syntax I can use, but where is it 
> entered?
> It doesnt appear to be as simple as clicking on the button 'Create the space' 
> because that does nothing for me. I can see the browser showing the ip of the 
> xwiki server when I click but I get no feedback from the server telling me 
> there's a problem or even that it received my mouse click.
> Then higher up on the page there's some text with a light bulb which states 
> Click on this button if you wish to create your organisation's space. Well I 
> don't see any suitable button near this text only a button much further down 
> the page - the one I described above.
> To get to this point I installed Ubuntu 8.10 server in a VM, added Java 6, 
> Tomcat 6, Postgresl8.3 and setup the xwiki database and 
> xwiki-enterprise-web-1.8.war in the container and also loaded 
> xwiki-enterprise-wiki-1.8.xar default pages. I can login as Admin, create new 
> users, groups, import the Word addin, etc but didnt see much in the way of 
> user workspaces, so then loaded xwiki-workspaces-wiki-1.2-milestone-1.xar 
> which duly overwrote some of the existing enterprise xar default pages and I 
> logged in as the default Admin user.
> I'm not getting any errors reported, everything appears to be working, but 
> despite rummaging around the xwiki website I havent found any comprehensive 
> admin doc that explain the way forward for a 1st time admin/user. e.g. 
> http://workspaces.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/AdminGuide/ tells me hardly 
> anything. I am using Firefox 3.07 both on localhost Ubuntu and remote client 
> Windows to access XWiki. As far as I can tell Firefox is not blocking any 
> pages from loading. I also tried IE7, same results.
> After failing with the above I guessed that maybe the plugin to do this wasnt 
> loaded by default, so from rummaging I guessed that 
> http://code.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Plugins/SpaceManagerPlugin
> might do the trick, so I did:
>     * Copy xwiki-plugin-spacemanager-1.1.jar to Tomcat-Xwiki's WEB-INF/lib 
> directory
>     * Edit WEB-INF/xwiki.cfg file 
> I added 
> com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.spacemanager.impl.SpaceManagerImpl
> to the plugins list
>     * Restart your XWiki instance
> Restarted Tomcat6
> Made no difference.
> I'm running out of ideas here.
> What method *should* I be doing to create the Org space and then obviously 
> following on from this the user sub-spaces?
> Thanks
> Cheers
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