Hi Ludovic,

Yes the hierarchical design used by Curriki would work for me, the layout is 
fine, but the implementation is a bit disconcerting, so if there is a way to 
work round the negative UI issues...

The aspects that I find are disconcerting and would be disorienting or 
frustrating for users with the example Curriki page is:

1. The noticeable lag between clicking on a tree link and the next level 
opening. My internet connection isnt *that* slow and I'd guess even at intranet 
speeds it would still be noticeable. Taking a guess maybe the page needs to 
have the tree/toc preloaded/cached to avoid this lag or some other approach, 
but the pregnant pause waiting for the toc/tree part of the screen to redraw is 
somewhat disconcerting.

2. Also the links themselves - one appears to need to click on a very specific 
location to get the link to open to the next level (and you know as well as I 
do that some users have trouble controlling their mice) - i.e. the little 
arrow, but if one clicks on the folder icon it also opens albeit slower, but if 
one goes a little bit further then one sees a popup tooltip obscuring the text 
and when one clicks on the text it goes to that linked page. Really its not 
immediately clear to a user what to click on to get the tree to open - if it 
works like Windoze (file) explorer then its probably an approach familiar to 
most GUI users. If you intend to implement tooltips IMO definitely include an 
option to disable them because power/frequent wiki users will get irritated by 
them quickly.

3. Maybe my eyes are being deceived by the very obvious screen refresh/redraw 
delay but it almost seems as if the web page contents moves up or down 
depending on which tree link one clicks on. IMO if the user expects a page to 
open then the menu must remain in a static position on the screen and the link 
they clicked on mustnt suddenly move a few cm up or down the screen because 
that is disorienting, rather leave it to the user to scroll up or down the page 
from their last viewing position if they want to.

If the xwiki team can work around the issues exhibited by Curriki, in their 
Xwiki implementation, I think it would be very usable.

I look forward to seeing the results of your efforts.

Thanks for your interest,


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I'm currently working on some different ways to implement the breadcrumb 
and a Table of Content on a project.

It's using some of the ideas that are currently implemented in Curriki. 
See this example:


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