Vincent Massol wrote:
> Hi Sergio,
> We're currently having an issue on with some thread  
> deadlock (caused by Velocity it seems). We're trying to fix the  
> problem. Try again a bit later and hopefully it'll work.
> Sorry about that.

Upgrading to Velocity 1.6.2 seems to help, but more testing time is 
needed to ensure that.

Later today I found another deadlocked appearing in 
java.util.concurrent.LinkedBlockingQueue, called from JBossCache, so now 
I'm trying to see how an updated JBossCache library behaves, although 
the threaddump suggests an impossible halt on the following line in the JDK:
last = = new Node<E>(x);

What could possibly be wrong with this line? Unfortunately this was in a 
CS section, so all the other threads were waiting...

Sergiu Dumitriu
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